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Cooltrans CTP

HTF range of MEG/MPG

Cooltrans is Kilfrost’s first generation of heat transfer fluids based on MEG and MPG. These materials have provided the basis for heat transfer fluids for many years due to the well-established properties they can offer the end-user.

Cooltrans fluids have been specifically designed to deliver higher resistance to degradation, scale, and corrosion. All fluids are tested to and exceed the ASTM D1384-05 corrosion test standard and offer excellent freeze protection, cleaner circuits, efficient heat transfer and long-term cost benefits to system maintenance.

The Cooltrans range features four heat transfer fluids.

Cooltrans Plus CTP

Cooltrans Plus CTP is a high performance, mono propylene glycol (MPG) based, heat transfer fluid designed for secondary refrigerant and industrial cooling applications.

Base Fluid :

Application :

  • Secondary refrigerant

  • Industrial cooling

  • for use in some indirect food and beverage cooling applications

Temperature Range :
-35°C to 120°C

The safe and efficient alternatives to MEG and MPG – the Kilfrost ALV Range

As the demand for heat transfer fluids began to penetrate into renewable energy and the food & beverage sector, Kilfrost decided to undertake research and development into what we believe be an optimal heat transfer fluid. The result was a specially engineered Advanced Low Viscosity heat transfer and antifreeze fluid range. This ALV fluid range has combined the superior efficiency of MEG performance with the inherent safety of MPG, offering the best of both in a single product.

Key Features of Cooltrans CTP

  • Non-toxic
  • For use in general industrial and some indirect food and beverage cooling applications
  • Temperature range -35 to 120°C

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