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On the ground and in the skies, Kilfrost ensures safety in all areas


The Clearway® Product Range

Kilfrost offers Ground Deicing materials which are significantly less corrosive than rock salt. The Clearway® product range offers fully soluble formulations, leaving no messy residue and are not harmful to humans, animals or vegetation. They also are fully biodegradable. These products provide exceptional protection in public areas such as pedestrian areas, walkways, footbridges, and car parks.Clearway® is part of the Eastman deicing brand name. Clearway® products are one of the leaders in airport runway deicing.

The Clearway® product range has been developed and expanded to include both liquid and solid formate-based and acetate-based products. It is ideal to be used around sensitive architectural sites, monuments and buildings, where you do not wish to use corrosive rock salt.

The railway industry utilities the Clearway® products on station platforms, crossings, pathways and bridges, areas where safety is critical. Find out more in the Rail section.


AMS 1435

AMS 1435 is a standard set out by SAE International, a US-based globally standards developing organisation. The AMS 1435 specification covers deicing and anti-icing runways and taxiways in the form of a fluid. The fluids are required to undergo several stringent performance tests before being awarded the AMS 1435 standard.


Clearway Deicers - Environmental Profile

The graph opposite illustrates the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) values of Clearway Deicers compared to other products.

In addition, the Clearway® range of ground deicing products are classified WGK1* both for biodegradability and because of its low aquatic toxicity.

WGK is the German Water Endangerment Class there are three classes.

1: Low hazard to waters

2: Hazard to waters

3: Severe hazard to water


Ground Blue Angel


Recognised worldwide, Ecolabelling is a voluntary practice, used to identify products with less environmental impact. 

Ecolabels show that a product has been assessed against scientific-based criteria to establish environmental and health performance.

Kilfrost distributes Clearway® which is part of the Eastman deicing brand name. These products have Ecolabelling accreditation with two Global Ecolabeling Network (GEN) members, Germany and the Nordic Countries.

The GEN develops, promotes and supports the world's leading Ecolabelling. 

The benefits of using Ecolabel accredited products include recognition that your business is actively promoting environmental and sustainable good practices. 

The Ecolabel assessment is rigorous with stringent performance requirements to meet before the status is granted, providing reassurance of product quality and outstanding environmental credentials. 

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Other products in the Kilfrost de and anti-icing range

Kilfrost also manufacture a large range of Aircraft DeIcing Fluids and Rail Anti-Icing Solutions.

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