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Reduce costs and maximise chilling temperatures

For heat transfer applications in industrial refrigeration we recommend:

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Industrial Refrigeration

Why do you need a heat transfer fluid?

Industrial refrigeration is the removal of heat from a space or a system to reduce and/or maintain its temperature below that of ambient. Refrigeration has had a significant impact on industry, lifestyle and agriculture, plus it is critical within the pharmaceutical and processed chemical sectors.

Traditionally, refrigeration systems have relied heavily on the use of HFC gases to produce direct or large primary cooling systems. Industrial refrigeration systems now often have an additional second closed-loop system, whereby the primary cooling loop transmits its strong cooling capability through a heat exchanger to the secondary system. The use of a secondary loop provides a way of safely distributing the required cooling through the workspace, allowing the use of a smaller primary system which can be located remotely from the workspace.

Now, you need to choose the right heat transfer fluid for your Industrial Refrigeration system.


For more information read our article “Water-Based Heat Transfer Fluids”

By Kilfrost Technical Team

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For more information read our article “Choosing the Right Heat Transfer Fluids”

By Kilfrost Technical Team

Read the full report
Industrial Refrigeration

Providing Solutions

Kilfrost’s revolutionary heat transfer fluid technology is already providing solutions for innovation with new closed loop chilling micro systems.

Kilfrost ALV or ALVPLUS fluid would be the products of choice to support this industrial sector.

Industrial Refrigeration

Kilfrost ALV - Ideal for larger industrial secondary closed loop systems

Kilfrost ALV provides industrial secondary loop cooling systems with a low viscosity fluid and concomitant energy savings, with superior anti-corrosion protection properties. As regulations around HFC gases are becoming stricter and refrigeration design is changing, larger secondary closed loop systems containing fluids are being used to reduce the amount of HFC needed in the chilling process. Kilfrost ALV is an engineered low viscosity heat transfer fluid which provides efficient circulation with lower pumping pressure. This makes it ideal for supporting second closed loop systems as smaller pumps can be used within the refrigerating or chilling unit. 

Industrial Refrigeration

Maximize chilling temperatures whilst reducing cost

Kilfrost ALV heat transfer fluid offers industrial chilling capability to temperatures as low as -40°C. During the chilling process, the fluid will remain mobile, even at these polar temperatures. The benefit of this is that the system will continue to operate efficiently. Kilfrost ALV outperforms MEG, MPG, Bio-PDO and ethanol-based heat transfer fluids significantly on the cooling side.

As the temperature decreases other products become more viscous and “sluggish”, Kilfrost ALV fluid remains lower in viscosity which means less pumping power is required to circulate the fluid around the system and due to this hydraulic efficiency, it will in turn reduce the energy usage for your pumps.

Industrial Refrigeration

Kilfrost ALVPLUS – The benefits of Kilfrost ALV and food contact safe

Kilfrost ALVPLUS will provide all the same benefits as ALV with the addition of being assured as safe for incidental food and beverage contact through certification by the US NSF organization. The NSF is an independent body that assesses individual components and can certify the complete commercial product formulation. Kilfrost ALVPLUS is registered with the NSF (Non-food Compounds HT1 Registration No. 153280).

Why would you choose anything else other than Kilfrost ALV or ALVPLUS?

Now you have all the information you need to make an informed decision on which heat transfer fluid to use and why.

Case Studies

Discover how other industrial refrigeration businesses have found success with Kilfrost products.

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