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Kilfrost Heat Transfer Fluid Test Kit

Field testing kit for engineers

Testing Heat Transfer Fluid

As a leading manufacturer of Heat Transfer Fluids we understand just how important it is for your system to be operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. We also understand all of the potential problems and pitfalls which could prevent this from happening. This is the reason we recommend regular testing of your system's fluid - either via our self-test kits, or by taking a sample and sending it to our dedicated laboratory for an expert member of our team to analyse.

Laboratory Testing

Kilfrost have a fully equipped, controlled laboratory where customers can send samples and our team will provided comprehensive analysis of the heat transfer fluid and the system.

Kilfrost Heat Transfer Fluid Test Kit

The Kilfrost Heat Transfer Fluid Test Kit is an easy-to-use portable field test kit containing the essential test tools to be used in the field by engineers for the correct dosing and monitoring of heat transfer fluid/anti-freeze solutions.

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The Kilfrost Heat Transfer Fluid Test Kit contains:

• High quality Kilfrost field refractometer

• pH test strips (200 leaves)

• Sample bottles

• Pipette

• Instructions

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