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Kilfrost Rail

A well-established product, Kilfrost Rail has been used within the industry for over two decades and is tried and tested. The product is a thickened propylene glycol fluid suitable for both de- and anti-icing purposes. Kilfrost Rail is a viscous formulation that offers protection from frost and freezing precipitation on the rail surface for extended periods. The fluid is primarily used on electrified third rails of metro and urban rail systems. Kilfrost Rail is also used as an effective de and anti-icing compound that is easily applied to the exposed parts on the lower sides of railway rolling stock for brake callipers and associated riggings. The product also actively protects the track and other metal infrastructure from corrosion and can be used on points and switches.

Use of Kilfrost Rail

Brake gear – Apply Kilfrost Rail anti-icing fluid for brake gear to brake callipers and rigging by pressure spraying. As far as practical do not overspray onto brake discs and wheel treads.

Third rail – Dispense 20-30 millilitres of Kilfrost Rail anti-icing fluid to the rail head per metre. The dispense rate or frequency of application maybe need to be varied depending on the weather conditions.

Points and switches – Apply Kilfrost Rail anti-icing fluid for points and switches by spraying. Apply the material to the nip between the switch rails and stock rails or to crossing flangeways. Do not apply the material to the rail head. For best results apply the material at the onset of ice and snow to act as a preventative measure. Where deicing has taken place take care to ensure that the slide chairs are kept adequately lubricated. Kilfrost Rail is NOT a lubricant and thereby does not remove, interact or affect the lubricant. The dispense rate or frequency of application may need to be varied depending on the severity of the weather conditions.

Key Features of Kilfrost Rail

  • Rail Approval Cat No: 7/25008
  • Dual de/anti-icing capability
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Helps to prevent corrosion
  • Operational down to below -25°C
  • Available in 25 litres, 215 Litres, 1000 Litres and Bulk tankers.

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Kilfrost Rail Kilfrost Rail Rail Kilfrost Rail

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