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Kilfrost SF-09 Chelant

Descaling Fluid

Speciality cleaning and sanitising range

Kilfrost offers a range of cleaning, sterilising and descaling fluids for Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems. These fluids have been designed to complement and aid the use of heat transfer fluids in both heating and cooling applications. New equipment will contain debris, welding slag, and potentially chemicals and residues from the manufacturing process. Lubricants and oils are also used to protect hardware during storage and transport. These contaminants need to be removed from the coolant system before it is put to use. Refit systems or pre-owned equipment will also need contaminants removed due to the fact these systems have been previously deployed. These contaminants would include degraded antifreeze, rust, scale and sludge.

Kilfrost are proud members of BSRIA, and we actively promote and recommend that the BSRIA BG29/2020 Pre-Commissioning Cleaning of Pipework Systems guide is adhered to. The Kilfrost SF fluid range offers cleansing, sterilising and descaling products for cooling and heating networks.

Kilfrost SF9 Chelant

SF9 is a neutral pH pre-commission cleaning agent designed to remove Iron oxide and mill scale from new pipework systems. SF9 is a formulated blend of powerful cleaning agents. It removes Iron Oxide from a multi-metal systems while protecting the base metal from further corrosion.  SF9 allows for easier system flushing and improves final results when compared to citrate based cleaning formulations.

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