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Kilfrost TDIce Plus

Listening to our rolling stock customer requirements, Kilfrost followed on from TDIce with TDIce Plus, an all-round product that de and anti-ices. Formulated to be train specific to ensure the rolling stock is fully deiced, coated and protected, this product is used on the underside of the rolling stock to remove ice accretions and deliver a coating onto the surface allowing the train to be ready for operation and maintenance. Based on propylene glycol this product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and a highly effective deicer agent, but by having a unique coating additive, it gives the product some anti-icing performance as well. The product is manufactured in two forms, a premix, and a concentrated product.

• TDIce Plus Concentrate
• TDIce Plus Premix

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Kilfrost TDIce Plus Kilfrost TDIce Plus

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