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Ensuring railways and mass transit systems across the world can keep moving, even in the coldest conditions.

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Nordic Winter Solutions anti-icing equipment for use with Kilfrost fluids

Nordic WS offer an anti-icing system to help overcome the problems of ice and snow on rolling stock, which is designed with effective and safe anti-icing fluids. In addition, the system is equipped with advanced IT functions, which makes the service, maintenance and monitoring of the results even easier. The system is easy to install in both existing and new infrastructure and it can be easily adjusted to various types of rolling stock. The Nordic WS equipment and environmentally friendly anti-icing fluid have been approved by several train manufacturers.

The system sprays a heated anti-icing fluid with low pressure onto the bogies and other specific parts of the train. The fluid stays on the sprayed surface as a protective layer and prevents ice build-ups. Any excessive fluid is filtered in an automated and environmentally friendly process to be re-used in the next treatment. The spraying programs are activated by an operating panel with each train type having a preconfigured spraying program. During treatment, the train passes through the system at low speed and the system is automatically deactivated when a train has passed. The key benefits to this operational method are:

• Greatly reduces ice build-ups and the need for energy consumption with costly de-icing methods such as hot air.

• Very effectively simplifies the removal of ice

• Reduces maintenance costs

• Increases operating reliability and safety

For more information on Nordic deicing and anti-icing systems visit https://www.nordicws.com/


Rail Overview

Managing modern train services requires that they be run as efficiently as possible to ensure passengers are transported to their destination and freight is delivered with optimum efficiency. These constant operational needs are tested to the limit by the further complication each year of winter weather.

Contamination with frost, ice or snow can disrupt the critical workings of the rolling stock, railway track or station and thereby seriously affect the scheduled performance, any planned maintenance services and ultimately the timeliness of deliveries.


How can Kilfrost help?

To maintain operational effectiveness in the winter environment, it is necessary to remove this frozen contamination and if appropriate, protect against further icing.

Kilfrost can help you. For more than 85 years, Kilfrost has worked on products for both the aviation and rail industry, supplying de and anti-icing solutions to the problems caused by frozen precipitation, ensuring both the aviation and rail industries are operational in the winter climate.

Kilfrost products are specifically designed to be used throughout the rail industry; for track, rolling stock and infrastructure.

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Kilfrost is verified with the RISQS-Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme. The RISQS outlines supplier pre-qualified to provided products and service throughout the GB rail industry.

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