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Our Technical Service Team provide outstanding after sales support and customer service.

Our comprehensive technical support allows customers to gain access to our expertise, where we can provide advice, troubleshooting and training as well as our testing services to ensure you remain operational throughout the season.

Technical Support

In the late spring of each year, Kilfrost holds their annual Aviation De and Anti-Icing Fluids & Best Practice Workshop, which complements the issue of the Best Practice Guide, as a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and learning from past seasons.

Based on the Covid-19 situation, Kilfrost decided to postpone and reschedule the Aviation De and Anti-Icing Fluids & Best Practice Workshop 2020 and 2021. The event will now take place on 14-16 June 2022. If you would more information about this event, or wish to be added to the waiting list  please contact; marketing@kilfrost.com

Technical Support

Customer Service

We believe in providing an exceptional customer experience, every time. Our customer service team is empowered to do all that they are able to not just meet our customers’ needs but to exceed them, and we are proud of the reputation we have developed for not just providing the highest quality, most efficient, and most effective products on the market, but for treating our customers with true care, attention and personal service.

The long-standing nature of many of our customer relationships is testament to the ease of working with Kilfrost, and we’d love to look after you too.

Do get in touch with a member of our team to learn more.

Technical Support

Ask us a question

If you have a query that’s we have not answered in our FAQ’s, please drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Technical Support

Best Practice Guides

Kilfrost’s industry knowledge and expertise has been captured in Best Practice Guides. Updated annually with all the latest information on current products and best practice on how to use and care for fluids, Kilfrost issues the latest edition prior to the start of the new winter season.

Technical Support
Log in to the dashboard to download the Kilfrost Winter Best Practice Aviation Guide
Technical Support
Log in to the dashboard to download the Kilfrost Winter Rail Guide
Technical Support Technical Support

Laboratory Support - Speciality Fluid Testing

Kilfrost offers a service of comprehensive heat transfer fluid health checks to its customers. After commissioning, Kilfrost recommends checking installed heat transfer fluids at least once every six months.

Basic checks include:

  • Refractive Index (for product concentration),

  • pH (between 7 and 9 is recommended),

  • Visual inspection (for any colour degradation).

For further information on system monitoring and product support, please contact us.

A Thermal Fluid Test Kit is available from Kilfrost to monitor the health of all Kilfrost heat transfer fluids as part of a routine maintenance schedule.

Technical Support Technical Support

Aviation fluid testing

Kilfrost have a fully equipped, controlled laboratory where customers can send samples in order to comply with SAE pre/mid-season sample analysis requirement and ensure the fluid is fit for use. 

ADF Laboratory testing timetable

Pre-Season (September - November)

  • Storage Facilities

  • Vehicle tanks

  • Vehicle nozzles

Mid-Season Check (January - March)

  • Vehicle nozzles

Further testing and investigations can be carried out by Kilfrost should additional support be required. Please contact the Technical Service Manager for assistance in these cases.

Sample Guidelines

Incorrect sampling procedures can lead to incorrect decisions being made from the results of non-representative samples; therefore it is important to take samples that are fully representative of the bulk fluid.

Samples should reflect what is being applied to the aircraft (and collected in a manner than simulates application) and should represent the bulk of the fluid.

When sending samples to the Kilfrost laboratory, please consider the following guidance.

  • Sample taken from all tanks where the fluid is stored?

  • All samples taken from the middle of the fluid in the tank or thoroughly purged outlet?

  • Problem? – Tank recirculated and resampled?

  • Clean, 500ml high density polypropylene (HDPE) bottle used?

  • Samples taken from all nozzles?

  • All samples inspected for contamination or discolouration?

  • All samples guarded against water contamination?

  • Refractive index tested, recorded and correct?

  • Clearly labelled, including airport name, customer and contact details?

  • Well packaged to prevent leakages, and sent via a tracking service?

  • Confirmed to the Kilfrost Technical Support Team that samples have been sent?

ADF Field Testing

In addition to prescribed pre and mid-season laboratory testing Aircraft deicing service providers are required to conduct specific field testing to ensure the fluids remain suitable for use. Kilfrost are able to provide advice and support regarding the use of and interpretation of results from refractive index testing, visual checks and field viscosity measurements.

The operational limits for the fluids can be obtained on the product Technical Data sheets.

Do get in touch with a member of our team to learn more.

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