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Temperature control for optimised taste and product longevity

For heat transfer applications in the food & beverage industry we recommend:

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Food & Beverage

Challenges for the industry

The successful and optimised processing and storage of food and drinks can be critically temperature dependent. For example, supermarkets feature many fresh chilled products in open display cabinets. Additionally, beer and other beverage processing operations require close temperature control for optimised taste and product longevity.

Now, you need to choose the right heat transfer fluid for your system.

Kilfrost Fluid Model Video

This video demonstrates the different viscosity levels of the specialist heat transfer fluids—Observe how the advanced low viscosity fluids outperform the MEG and MPG based products.


For more information read our article “Water-Based Heat Transfer Fluids”

By Kilfrost Technical Department

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For more information read our article “Choosing the Right Heat Transfer Fluids”

By Kilfrost Technical Department

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Food & Beverage

The benefits of using Kilfrost ALVPlus

Kilfrost’s revolutionary heat transfer fluid technology provides a compelling commercial solution to long-standing challenges faced within the food and beverage industry.

In addition, there is also a debate regarding process chemical safety and efficiency within the food and beverage industry which remains unresolved.


Can the brewing industry ever trust non-toxic claims for process chemicals?

By Jerry Lewis

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Food & Beverage

Food Safe Non-Toxic

Kilfrost ALVPLUS fluid can be assured as safe for incidental food and beverage contact through certification by the US NSF organization, an independent body that assesses individual components and can certify the complete commercial product. Kilfrost ALVPLUS has been through this process and is certified as NSF Non-food Compounds HT1 Registration No. 153280.

Food & Beverage

Consistent Temperature

Kilfrost ALVPLUS offers better and more consistent temperature control and thermal power transmission. This is a tremendous benefit for the food and beverage industry as temperature control is critical to product manufacturing. An example of this would be fermentation. This is an exothermic process and if not controlled can ruin the taste or kill the yeast. This makes accurate and efficient temperature control vital to today’s brewers from the largest international producer to the smallest micro-brewery. Better temperature control equals better batch-to-batch taste profile consistency.

Food & Beverage

Reduce Cost

Kilfrost ALVPlus is an engineered low viscosity fluid which outperforms MEG, MPG, Bio-PDO and ethanol-based heat transfer fluids. The graph opposite shows that as the temperature decreases Kilfrost ALVPlus fluid remain low in viscosity.

How does this help you reduce costs?

As the temperature decreases, other products become more viscous and “sluggish”. Kilfrost ALVPlus fluid remains low in viscosity which means less pumping power is required to circulate the fluid around the system and due to this hydraulic efficiency, it will in turn reduce the energy usage for your pump, thereby reducing energy costs.

Why would you choose anything else other than Kilfrost ALVPlus?

Now you have all the information you need to make an informed decision on which heat transfer fluid to use and why, if you require any further help please contact us at info@kilfrost.com

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Discover how other food & beverage businesses have found success with Kilfrost products.

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